Investment Management

Lally Wealth Management encourages you to review a Proposal that will allow you to compare our solution with your current portfolio, and consider the potential advantages of a portfolio designed specifically for your unique circumstances.

Lally Wealth Management provides:

  • Access to institutional money managers across a range of domestic and foreign equity styles,
  • Exchange Traded Funds ( ETFs), typically used in less liquid alternative asset classes to help provide broad and deep diversification, and
  • Professional Tactical money managers who seek to provide higher absolute returns without the typical constraints of any particular style or commitment to staying fully invested at all times.


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Concentrated Stock Strategies:  Income Generation and Risk Reduction

Lally Wealth Management has partnered with Institutional option strategy firms who manage over $1 billion in equity exposure for clients ranging from individuals and multi-billion dollar institutions in overlay strategies.  Our partners exist at the forefront of implementing covered call strategies on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Large Cap Dividend Equity portfolios, as well as single stock holdings.

Concentrated Stock Covered Call/Over-Write can help investors monetize the volatility of these concentrated equity holdings by selling out-of-the-money call options above the market’s current value on the underlying securities. We can generate a modest additional income stream, supplementing the total return of the underlying security. The positions are monitored on an ongoing basis and continually seek to maximize income enhancement from the concentrated positions. The additional cash flow derived from a call-writing strategy has the effect of cushioning downside exposure from a stock’s decline.

Option trading is not suitable for all investors. The booklet “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options” can be found here.